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About our agency

The "Mexperts"

MEXPERTS was founded by Kurt Löffler in 1993. The company became a stock corporation (an Aktiengesellschaft, or “AG” under German law) in 2002 and implemented a corporate structure that includes financial participation of employees. Besides the core MEXPERTS team, the agency works together with a regular team of freelance specialists.


Florian Löffler, CEO & Head of New Media

Whenever there is something new around in the way of hardware, software tools or gadgets, you can be sure that he is already using them! Florian Löffler has been working for MEXPERTS since as early as 1995. 1997 he built the first MEXPERTS website, as well as this current one, and studied new media at the SAE Technology College in Munich. He has been making his new media skills and knowledge available to MEXPERTS clients for more than a decade now. Florian has developed numerous new tools for the agency and its clients. Examples include the online Clipping Service, the “Virtual Press Office” publishing platform for PR agencies and the convenient web-based journalist contact database.


Catherine Schneider, Head of Media Relations

Catherine Schneider learned the ropes of the publishing industry at the business and technology publisher WEKA. While earning her master’s degree, she worked in editorial offices within the trade publishing business at “Hanser-Verlag” and “moderne industrie.” Catherine gained international experience in a publishing house in New York and at the Scottish Publishers Association in Edinburgh. She was responsible for internal and external communications within the framework of a fundraising campaign for the Technical University of Munich and for the BMW Group, where she first worked in electronics development and later for the MINI. Since 2002, Catherine has been demonstrating at MEXPERTS just how diverse communications can be, and how versatile she is.


Rolf Bach, Director Media Relations

Rolf Bach is an “old hand” in the business with an outstanding personal network of contacts among industry and media professionals. Following his studies (physics and geography) he worked for Siemens in the documentation department for CPU boards before discovering his penchant for trade journalism. He then wrote for a variety of electronics trade magazines, first as an editor and later as a chief editor. The personal network of contacts that he built during this period was later an important foundation for his success as the head of the German office for a pan-European PR network, where he was able to help companies such as AMD, Altera, Analog Devices, ERNI Electronics and Tektronix achieve a good image within the industry. Since 1998, Rolf has been employing his connections to serve MEXPERTS clients.


Peter Gramenz, Director Media Relations

Peter Gramenz knows how the high-tech industry, the trade media and agencies interact, because he is very familiar with the business from each of these perspectives. Upon completion of his studies in information and computer technology, he began his career in the computer service department at Siemens. After more than five years of industry experience, he moved to the other side of the table and became an editor for the trade magazine “Design & Elektronik.” Later, he became deputy editor of the PC magazines “MC” and “DOS International.” Since joining MEXPERTS in January 1997, Peter has been expanding his personal network of contacts among media professionals who cover the electronics and computer industries.


Matthias May, Consultant Media Relations

Vom Maschinenbau in das Verlagswesen, vom Ingenieur zum Redakteur - das sind die beiden Spannungsbögen, die unseren Automatisierungsexperten kennzeichnen. Seine Laufbahn im Fachjournalismus begann 1997 im Carl Hanser Verlag, München. Nachdem er als Texter in die Werbung und das Marketing geschnuppert hat, nutzte er seine guten Kontakte zu Journalisten, um bei einem Sensorhersteller als Pressereferent dem Fachpublikum 10 Jahre lang Neuheiten der Fertigungsautomation vorzustellen. Seit Anfang 2016 ist er nun schon bei uns. Einer der sich auskennt in der Welt der Automatisierung und der die Elektronik- und Embedded-Szene als reichhaltiges Reservoir interessanter Themen für sich entdeckt hat.

Depending on specific client requirements, MEXPERTS works together with a pool of experienced freelancers ranging from native-speaking translators to trade journalists with technical specialties all the way to networkers who have contacts in radio and TV broadcasting.